february featured crafter - lindsay mays of silent orchid studio

1891018_10152262555772463_1856242002_n Hey there, friends! This month's featured crafter is another one of our very first at the shop, Lindsay Mays, of Silent Orchid Studio. We are particularly proud of this talented woman as she was recently featured in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine. Lindsay's meticulously detailed plush toys are truly works of art. Her playful and nostalgic interpretations of sideshow freaks, cult classic and folkloric figures never fail to conjure smiles and curious admiration. In fact, Lindsay's work has earned quite the following at Kitsch, particularly during the holidays -we can't seem to keep her Krampus ornaments on the shelves! We're so glad Lindsay chose to share her work with us, and it's about time we learned some more fun facts about this quirky gal. Check out our interview with her as well as some links to keep up with her awesome work!


How did you get started?

My mom taught me to sew when I was little. In 2007 I started making plush toys for fun, robots and monsters and other things I couldn't find in stores. I posted them in my online gallery and people started asking for their own. A couple of years later I made it my full time business.


Where do you find inspiration?

Old movies (especially horror and sci-fi films,) illustrations from vintage children's books, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. Sometimes just wandering around flea markets or thrift shops and finding weird vintage nick knacks and pretty old fabrics will spark something.

il_570xN.448665233_ooh8 What's your studio playlist?

Right now I'm listening to Amanda Palmer, Siouxsie Sioux, Pinataland, and Nouvelle Vague. I also love the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.

Where is your studio?

I work out of my apartment in the Ghent neighborhood in Norfolk...not far from Kitsch :) My place is tiny, so my studio is also my living room. But I have enough room for my desk, sewing machine, and my craft supply stash. A lot of my work is spread out on the floor.


Favorite blog/movie/TV show/book that never fails to inspire or just clears the mind.

Mystery Science Theater 3000. It always helps to clear my head and put me in a good mood. For inspiration, I love Tumblr. It's kind of addictive and I always find something cool and interesting.

You have a time machine. Where are you going?

Shouldn't that be "when?"

dolls (1)

What artists influence your work - who are your creative idols?

Wayne White (painter, sculptor, puppeteer, animator) is one of my idols. He does everything and has so much creative energy, I would love to be able to work like he does. Mister Finch, a fiber artist who makes amazing soft sculpture animals from antique textiles. Mary Blair, who did concept art for Disney and illustrated children's books.

Describe yourself in 5 words.

quiet, geeky, goth, maker, collector

60229_10151272207332463_374860_n Describe your work in 5 words.

Soft and cute, but weird.

il_570xN.463500031_5lke What's your favorite local haunt?

The Naro Theater and Naro Video. I'm a movie geek, so Naro Video is my Mecca. And sitting in the theater's balcony watching a film (new or old) is one of my favorite things.

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Well that's all folks! If you can't get enough of Lindsay's work, follow her on Tumblr and Facebook, or peruse her Etsy shop.