why take a class at kitsch?!

There are a million reasons to take a class at Kitsch and we just thought we'd name a few. Peruse this delightful list (in no particular order), get inspired, and register for a class today...

You can reunite with your kid self for some good old-fashioned arts and crafts.


Sometimes it's nice to forget about your worries and focus on creating something beautiful for a while.


Whether you're new to the area, or just looking to expand your friend horizons, classes are a great way to meet other creative people -and creative people are nice.


It feels pretty darn good to say, "I made that."


Classes are an opportunity to surprise and challenge yourself.


Craft is art and art is therapy.


Kid-friendly classes are an enriching way to get a break from your little ones and for your little ones to get a break from you.


Craft classes are for girls AND boys!


For all you menfolk, craft classes are an unconventional way to meet some women or bond with the woman in your life.


You can finally complete that project you found on Pinterest.


Because a communal crafting session can lead to amazing new ideas.


So are you ready to sign up for a class? We hope so! We post our schedule all over the place, including our blog, Facebook page, and flyers scattered through out the neighborhood. Stop by the shop or call 757-961-9855 to register today! Gift cards for classes make great gifts too!