April's Featured Artist: Mallory Jarrell

175879_10151287822024390_635388638_o(1) With a mix of old and new, Mallory Jarrell makes collage art like no other (think Norman Rockwell, covered in tattoos and attitude.) A graduate of Old Dominion University, with a degree in printing and design, Mallory dove into the world of mixed media art after graduation. Having lost access to a printing studio, she began to work from home, mixing found mid-century advertising with hand painted and Photoshopped elements.

"El Grito del Lobo"

Covering a wide base of topics, many of Mallory’s pieces center around humorous depictions of cultural icons, ranging from Botticelli's Venus to photographs of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln.



Many of her pieces reference current cultural obsessions:




You can check out Mallory’s work throughout the month of April at Kitsch, and meet Mallory at her art reception on April 20th from 6-8:30pm.

There are lots of ways to keep up with Mallory online: Her website, "That's What She Said Art", her blog,  Facebook, and Twitter.