New Art! Carl Floyd Medley III

This month's artist, Carl Floyd Medley III claims to be able to draw, and has built a really good case for it. From the fast food icons to hip hop to Jesus, he uses his talents to bend pop culture in a wonderfully twisted way.  He's our February artist and you should come check it for yourself...

From Carl's website:

Through his work, Carl Floyd Medley III attempts to confront his surroundings the only way he knows how; with humor. As a child of the 80s, Carl (b. 1981) grew up with a healthy mix of Choose Your Own Adventure books, cartoon merchandising and a family whose method for dealing with life's trials and tribulations was centered around jokes. He now uses his foundation in realism to turn cultural references on their heads and create narratives ranging from absurd to heartfelt. By employing various techniques and mediums, Carl continues his journey to create encompassing experiences and ignite dialogues that lead the viewers to question, understand and even laugh at themselves and the world they live in.

He also loves blueberry cake doughnuts and doesn't fully understand 0% financing.















Carl's work will be hanging through the month of February.