Gift Guide: Vicki's Picks

Throughout December, we're going to offer up our staff pics of the hundreds of giftables in the shop! It's been really hard for us all to narrow down our favorites, since we all vote on what's brought in(so we kind of love everything.) First up is Vicki! She's our business gal and the maker of the extremely popular Virginia pillows.terrarium

Holding a tiny world in her hands: Teapot terrarium by Fines Herbs, chunky cowl scarf by Itsy Designs

booksHandling the books, financials and inventory...oh my! Ipad cover by Emzi, Headache stick from Skinfree, Seven Oaks Lavender Farm lavender/patchouli candle, Salvaged Love necklace.


Notebook by Impressed, Tasha's Own Eucalyptus Mint soap, Normal is Boring pin cushion, Luna Rosa button ring.


Earrings from Ashton Keeley, necklace by Jon Plante, pillow from Horse and Hare.bagsChunky cowl by Itsy's Designs, One Swell Stitch birdy clutch, Bone Feather bag.