The beginning of the holidays....the gatherings of friends and family celebrating all that has been right with the world and to give thanks.

Whether you would like a few special touches for your Thanksgiving feast or need a simple "thank you for hosting" gift, there are some lovely things made by some of the folks that we're most thankful for: the creative, talented folks that we've gotten to know over the last 10 months:

A simple and elegant welcome:

Place setting cards add a touch of elegance, while hand printed cards make for a special "thank you".

A bright and pretty fabric basket bowl to hold bread, wrapped in hand printed kitchen towels...Napkins and simple felt rings make for a bright table.

Imagining a hand bound or hand stamped notebook filled with family recipes as a perfect gift for a host.

Glass to make any table sparkle.

Something special for the post dinner beer and football:

Coffee to wake the host that spent all night cleaning the bathroom for guests, and lavender teas to sooth the frazzled nerves after they swept all the dog hair under the rug 5 minutes before guests arrived.