Trick or Treat!

Treat! Mini pumpkin treat holders from Leslie Brier, printed treat bags from Maple and Belmont.

Unicorns eat zombies for lunch. Krispyworks fleece hat, Patches and Jackson's Corner zombie mochi.

Send some hugs to your favorite ghouls - Mixed media from Stampin' Grannies, vintage magazine card collections from Fairview Place, Maple and Belmont luchador spider and magic silkscreened cards, Horse and Hare woodblock print card.

Have you hugged your monster today? Crochet Owl by Aubry Hall, felt owl and large sugar skull from Michelle Odom, Sloane Solanto bedbug, Mothman and sugar skull from Silent Orchid.

Fines Herbs skull pins backed by Itsy Designs burp cloths/dishtowels.

This pumpkin dares you to play matching game with her. Fairview Place felt matching game, Stitchhouse pumpkin hat.

Curiosities abound: Soulmakes skull and turquoise necklace and skull bracelet, Moth necklace and creepy doll brooch by Michelle Odom, a.scarlet ribcage charm bracelet, Luna Rosa fabric rings