September's Featured Artist: Hollywood!

If you live in or frequent our little neighborhood of Ghent, Norfolk, VA, you probably know Linder Lou Lawrence, better known as "Hollywood".  She's probably introduced herself and given you her business card at Fairgrounds or you've seen her art at the Hope House booth at Stockley Gardens. Well, our favorite local celebrity is September's featured artist!

Hollywood was born and raised in the 757, from Pungo to Norfolk - and no one has a bigger love for the area than she does(well...if she could, she'd go to New York or LA to become "real famous"...Hear that Entertainment Tonight or New York Times?)

She wishes Ty Pennington would come make over Waterside - she sees the potential and thinks you should too.

She is a genuine ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and we are the luckiest girls in the world to be one of her favorite haunts. Join us and see for yourself on Friday, September 14th for an opening reception and (shhhhh it's a surprise :)) birthday party for Hollywood! It'll be great. We know this because she'll be there. More info here!