Back to School!

You've got a new roommate, a new room, new classes and a whole exciting year ahead of you! Whether you're going back to school this week or coming into town(welcome back ODU, NSU, Wesleyan, EVMS, Christopher Newport, Hampton, Regent, and TCC!), a few personal touches make your new digs feel like home.

Classy pillows and affordable original art: get cool points rather than made fun of for that Twilight poster you were going to hang.

One of a kind art cups make that 25 cent Ramen dinner feel more like gourmet. Sweet tie dye and printed towels make you actually want to clean up.

Nomtastic jelly to make day old meal plan toast palatable.

Keep your ID, cards and cash safe and at the ready in style.

I have a friend that keeps his Nook in a worn out tube sock(seriously, it's tight and kind of icky.). Don't be him.  Also, a succulent plant brings a little nature inside and doesn't mind being left alone during short breaks.

and you'll need something cute to lug all those new books and laptop and tablets around...

Finally, you need something to wear. Just add pants.

Good luck, study hard, and have fun!