Big Voices Singalong with Skye! Fridays at 10am in August!

by guest blogger, Cailey Follet!

Popularity isn’t something for which Skye Zentz is striving. As we walked into Fairgrounds, she was stopped a handful of times to discuss either her music or performances.

I mentioned her fame in Ghent, and she was quick to tell me that her goal in music is not popularity, but to create music filled with important messages to which listeners can connect. She cites musical influences from protest musicians to children’s musicians. Her goal is to make music that means something to the listeners. This can be seen in her track Be the Moon, a song about girls’ body issues, off her new album Bird Heart.

Lyrics have a special place for Skye. To her, it is the lyrics that shed light on the meaning of a song, and without them the meaning might be lost. At Sing-A-Long time in the Kitsch store, Skye’s ease with words was highlighted when she quickly made up a song on the spot to quell the excited wiggles of little kids. As she sang, the children’s eyes fluttered shut as they cuddled into the laps of the adults. It was a song that embodied her desire to bring kids and guardians together. It was only after the performance, when she let me in on the secret, that I found out that it was a brand new song, thought up during the moment.

Although she might not be striving for popularity, she is surely an important figure in the community. Her honest music coupled with her down-to-earth personality make her performances incredibly engaging.