New Art! Kristen Runberg

You might already be familiar with her as one of the chicks that started this place, or her obsession with vintage objects in some photos in the shop, but the new photograph/paintings of Kristen Runberg are up on the wall for the month of June! Some people subject their friends to a seemingly endless slideshow of pictures from their travels. Kristen transfers them to canvas in paint and photo combinations. No modern, 5 star chain resorts for this girl either. She's much more taken in by the glow of a good neon sign and peeling paint. Giant amusement parks are passed up in favor of a giant dinosaur in the middle of the desert.  A classic tourist trap is met with the same excitement that most normal people have with Disneyland. The journey is the destination. These roadside attractions and businesses of a bygone era have played host to many journeys and have led full lives of their own - and it shows all over their hand painted signs, settled floors and burnt out bulbs. This is the driving force behind Kristen's work.