Deflated - Ashley's Senior Show!

We're so stinking proud of our co-owner, Ashley Pickin! She's now the proud owner of not only Kitsch and Pic-N-Paint(The best dern face and body painting in Hampton Roads!), but a brand spanking new degree from ODU! She has her senior solo up for the next week at the shop. ALL MADE FROM BALLOONS. See, her fiance is this guy. So there are a LOT of bright, colorful balloons lying around - many deflated and broken and looking for a new purpose. And an art medium is born. We're particularly in love with Latex Stalagtite Tipped in Gold - 4 feet's worth - thousands of balloons, all tipped in gold paint - and Para Pinata(Para is the name of the South American tree that latex comes from) - a practically huggable rainbow ball...Deflated will be hanging at the shop for about another week!