People...People who Need People

Ohmigosh. So much work to be done. LOVING every minute, though. The shop's well on it's way to being fully painted...beginning to meet with the artists(meeting new people, yay!)(btw, y'all, I'm meeting with a jewelry artist on Monday that shares studio space with a taxidermist...HOW COOL IS THAT?)...Eventually, I'll even get our mugs up on here so you can meet the partners in crime behind this operation. Speaking of artists, we're loving the response we're getting, but since we're greedy and all...WE WANT TO SEE MORE!

Especially want to see wearables(hand pulled screen tshirts/clothing, redesigned/refashioned clothes, Virginia fashion designers), housewares/tableware, pet stuff, funky cool stationary, and possibly something we never knew we needed?

Thank you all for your support in this journey Michelle, Vicki, Marie, Ashley and I are taking...we can't wait to get this thing in the air! Much love, Kristen (KR)